First off, we'd like to thank everyone who followed us on Facebook during our "Live" broadcasts throughout the spring and summer of 2020.  We would especially like to thank OUR Canadian family, who made it a point to not miss one broadcast.

        Also, thanks to all the DJ's & Ij's who promoted our get together every Saturday night from 10pm till midnight and on Sundays from 5pm til 7pm on their programs.  We couldn't have done it without you and our friends mentioning it to their friends and family members.

       Now you're saying to yourself, this sounds like they're saying good-bye and bringing the broadcasts to a  close.


​N O P E

We're just getting started in a new surrounding, that's all.

     Introducing our brand new website.  Designed with YOU in mind.  


 We're bringing you a nice, new look with a choice of two different "LIVE" streaming video pages. 

           The first one is: " Polkas After Dark - New Series ". It allows you to watch the video in full screen mode by simply double clicking your left mouse button on the video itself. To put it back the way it was, just double click it again.

           And, for those who are interested in "Chatting with your friends" we suggest you visit the second option which is "The PAD Chatroom."  This option allows you to chat with your friends while continuing to watch and listen to the broadcasts at the bottom of the chat screen.

           Feel free to explore and visit "Other Lincs" and "Fun Stuff".  Other lincs takes you to other polka shows like 

The Polka Jammer Network, 247Polka Heaven, Polish New Castle Radio and

          You can also browse the latest CD releases by your favorite bands and check out publications like

The Polish American Journal and The Am-Pol Eagle.

           How about looking into becoming a member of the (USPA) United States Polka Association

or the (IPA) International Polka Association and the Buffalo Polka Boosters.

All we want you to do is have fun......  So, go have fun!

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