This team, on the left, has been together for 10 years now August 8, 2020. We love the music and love the people.

The thought of not being together during the pandemic has just been devastating.
Not being able to be with family and friends, we decided to do something about it.  
Yep, that's when we got the "hair-brained" idea to go "Live" on Facebook Easter Sunday and Dyngus Day Weekend 2020 just to play some music and show a few pictures. 
We actually had a blast and received a lot of positive feedback from it.
Our second broadcast venture took us on a "Virtual" Cleveland, Ohio trip to do the USPA Memorial Day Weekend 2020 Home Edition Thanks to Barb Haeslow, President,  We had never done a four day stint but we were up for the  challenge... and guess what?  We had a ton of fun, and a lot of listeners. We got to make some new friends too along they way... WE COULDN'T BE MORE THANKFUL. 
Our listeners were great!! They were chatting up an storm with us and their friends.  We feel we brought everyone together during a time when no one was together. We had over 700 in attendance for the entire weekend AND 2.7k views. That made everything worth while.  
Pictures were donated by many but the guy we need to thank BIG TIME is photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Les Kapuscinski from Canada. 
We had great bands performing for the entire weekend.  The band leaders and members jumped in to provide "The time of our lives".