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" Polki Po Ciemku "
Polish Eagle.jpg
Polish Eagle.jpg
   *******  Broadcasting Around the World "Live"  *******

Want to see previous broadcasts & interviews? Just go to the bottom "white" bar underneath the latest video show below. The click on the three "gray lines/bars". Click the bars to select other broadcasts & interviews. All videos are in date order. Example: PAD 081321. Dual Stream means it was broadcast live on this site & our Facebook page too. 

This channel is coming soon!

                              IMPORTANT NOTE  

PREVIOUS BROADCASTS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD                                         -  FREE  - 

If you'd like to keep a copy of our weekly   broadcast, simply wait till the end of a broadcast then click on "Watch Now". 

Once it loads, you will see the down arrow icon in the lower right of the video. Click or touch the down arrow and you will be able to save the broadcast to your smart device or computer to watch at a later time. Feel free to share these with friends and family.  THANK YOU for your continued support in watching and listening to... Polkas After Dark.We love you guys!!!


Rob & Geri

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